LED vs Static Signs

A study conducted by InfoTrends compared the effectiveness of digital and static signs in promoting a specific offer. The offer in question was a free tote bag that was available inside the store. While only six people took advantage of the offer when it was displayed on a static sign, the study found that nearly 100 times more people did so when the offer was displayed on a digital sign. This demonstrates the superior ability of digital signage, such as LED signs, to grab the attention of customers and effectively promote offers.

According to a study, providing customers with engaging content and real-time information on available registers while they are waiting in line can decrease their perceived wait time by 35%. This shows the value of digital signage, such as LED signs, in enhancing the customer experience and helping businesses to manage customer flow more efficiently.

According to a study, display screen advertising at the point of sale can lead to a 30% increase in sales for advertised brands. This not only enhances the customer’s experience but also increases the likelihood that they will return to the business. LED signs, which can be used for display screen advertising, can therefore be a powerful tool for driving sales and building customer loyalty.

According to this study by InfoTrends, digital signage can increase customer browsing time by up to 30%. This highlights the potential for digital signage, such as LED signs, to engage customers and encourage them to spend more time in a store or business.

A high percentage of companies choose to lease a portion or all of their equipment, including LED signs, in order to save on upfront costs. This allows businesses to be more flexible and prepared for any challenges that may come up. Leasing often requires no down payment and can be considered a form of 100% financing, making it easy for businesses to make updates or additions to their LED signs as needed. This flexibility can be valuable for businesses looking to take advantage of new opportunities.

Leasing equipment, including LED signs, has several financial benefits. For one, leased equipment is not considered a purchase by the IRS and can be written off as a tax-deductible expense. Additionally, leased equipment does not appear on a business’s balance sheet as a debt or liability, which can make the business more attractive to potential lenders. These factors make leasing a favorable option for businesses looking to acquire new equipment.