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One of our QSR owners in the southeast has deployed six of our digital displays. His first digital install produced sales receipt increases of $300-$400 per day.

His sign paid for itself in 146 days.

He told us : "He won’t open another DQ without a digital display”.

Ramy E.

Multiple State Dairy Queen Franchisee

We installed a 6×12 double face 10mm for a high-volume furniture store. The client called after a few months of operating and my first words were “Is the sign working properly”?

Our client said:

“Kirk, this is the best investment I have ever made, the sign is actually pulling customers in the door as soon as we post special offers and sales are booming”.

Rick R

America’s Furniture

We launched an 8×15 double face, 10mm for a chiropractic office.
He has the highest Resolution Digital Sign in Town.

Dr. said,

“It is a real eye catcher. I would highly recommend Incite for the savings the quality and the professionalism they provided”

Dr Daniel D

We installed a 14×48 single face billboard for a real estate investment group.

“The digital sign returned our investment in 34 months. The install and screen performance has been flawless. We would highly recommend Incite Digital Displays to anyone looking to buy a digital display”

Michael H

Real Estate Investments